(Jackie O’Connor, Coordinator)

Dance Theatre of Apex Location: Apex School of Dance
2121 East Williams Street, Suite 106
Apex, NC 27539

For more information call Jackie O'Connor 919-530-0917.

Claudio's SpeakEasy and Radio Theatre show on WCOM Radio (103.5 FM) on Tuesday, August 26th, 2015 featured an interview with AAC Vice-President of Terpsichorean Arts Jacqueline O'Connor, actress Katelyn Kidwell, and AAC President Bob Crowley was in there somewhere as well. To hear the podcast, (Click here to download or listen). Visit the home page for further programming information and news.

Talking about the show our host Claudio, said, "Loved having you on my radio show. You were fantabulistic! Great positive feedback about it so far. I thought we all had a blast! We were maaarvelous together and I'm sticking to that story because you can't hide the truth." I can happily echo those words. This podcast is definitely worth a listen!