If you work at a casino in New Zealand can you gamble there?

The casino is a type of play area where traditional card games are played mostly. They are built along with or near to star hotels, retail shopping, restaurants, cruise ships, and also near other tourist attractions. They are not only for playing games, but some of them are also for hosting live entertainment, such as a concert, standup comedy shows, and sports.

Casinos in New Zealand

People of New Zealand started showing interest in casinos slowly every year where they spend over $2 billion though there are only a handful of casinos in the country. The casino games were legalized in New Zealand back in 1994 later in which they were restricted in many places. Gambling in New Zealand is under the control of the Internal Affairs Department. All public gambling must provide a portion of the profit to the community. employees gamble in New Zealand

Can dealers gamble at their casino?

One common question that arises in many employees that if they can work at a casino and gamble there. To answer this question, it is mandatory that there is many gambling area or casino in a city and they differ from each other with different terms and conditions. Say, for example, there are around 6 casinos that are being operated since 1994 in New Zealand. Do casinos allow their dealers or other employees to gamble at their workplace? When it comes to gaming with the employees, most of the casinos do not permit them to play within their department. The department restrictions apply only to the property where you work. But the policies differ from one casino to the other or even separate departments within the casino. The most widely accepted position is that the casino encourages its employees to deal with the property in their off-time. You can many of the waiters and bartenders sitting and playing the game and generously helping the coworkers after their work shift. work at a casino in New Zealand Dealers aren’t allowed to play the table games and the slot techs are not allowed to play the slots. But employees who are at the management level are not allowed to play the game with their own or sister properties at their workplace in any form. They are allowed to use any of the other forms of entertainment like shows, events, etc provided by the casino. So, to answer the question can casino employees gamble, it is partially yes and partially no. However, there were a few casinos where casino employees allowed to gamble in New Zealand.