islands of New Zealand

Choosing better between north and south islands of New Zealand

The world is filled with full of some beautiful and wonderful places around us. Especially the countries have islands are amazing places to visit. All peoples love to travel, but some only have some destinations to go for an island place. Meanwhile, in summer vacations most of the peoples will travel to island countries. Among New Zealand is a place where we can find two types of islands; one is the north islands of New Zealand and the south islands of New Zealand. Don’t while choosing better between the north and south islands of New Zealand. New Zealand north or south island will be more adventurous, scenery to die for and you will have a warm kiwi welcome.

Comparison between the north and south islands of New Zealand:

  • Landscape and climate:
In terms of landscape, the northern island has gorgeous coastlines and geothermal hotspots. North Island also has incredible beaches like the bay of islands and around the coromandel peninsula. The central region of the island of the north island which is known for hot springs and bubbling mud pools with intense of geothermal activity. Meanwhile, south islands have the number of volcanoes around Tongariro national park. While both islands have beaches, the north islands only have traditional white-sands. The southern side of the New Zealand islands is very beautiful to visit. This island also has a gorgeous coastline, but it is best known for mountains and fjords that are in inland. In the Southern Alps, you will find the largest mountain, Mt. Cook. As well in the northern Alps, you will find the waterways like Marlborough sounds. If you want a cool temperature you can choose the south islands of New Zealand. Generally, the northern islands are warmer because it is a region of subtropical. On the other side, the southern islands are very cooler with mountain regions.
  • City life and culture:
North islands are considered as larger while comparing with south islands. North islands are being housed to many other cities in the nation. The cities of the northern islands will be more expensive than the southern islands. On seeing the infrastructure side, the north islands only have a large number of transit structures. Apart from the north island, the south island is directly varied. Though north islands are high on transports, southern islands are named for agricultural and rugged than the north. It’s very harder for city life. The architecture and city culture is worth exploring in the southern islands of New Zealand.

Which one is better; either north or south islands of New Zealand:

While asking which island in New Zealand is better, it is harder to say the conclusion between north island vs south island New Zealand. Both the islands are looking good and better on seeing their point of view. If you are choosing to travel the southern island will better to enjoy your days. But if you go for New Zealand with some mean it is better to stay in the northern islands of New Zealand because north island only having good infrastructure as comparing to south islands. Whatever it may be, both the north and south islands of New Zealand are more gorgeous with some stunning beaches and dazzling mountains.